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11th. March.On Line Video Festival.2016 ‘A day of tears’ /2016/3/11.Wed.

11th. March.On Line Video Festival.2016 ‘A day of tears’

Installing ‘About the person’ (2011) in 2016.
《当事者について》(2011)を2016 年に設置する。
video: 14’46”18

On 3.11, we realized how powerless we are.
Today, we are still powerless against the fury of the elements, despair in society, and the darkness of one’s mind.
Still, we are alive. And we are going to live.
It might be humble, but we have a sharp all-purpose knife named Art.
Short video works created with this knife will be given for March 11th.
An annual online festival with short video works from 0:00 to 24:00 on the 11th of March. As the date indicates, we gather works with various thoughts about The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th in 2011.
Participants include student, emerging, and professional artists.
Along with the characteristics of the internet, we aim for an open video festival which is free from the characteristics of places of consumption or economic gain without being overeager.
日付が示す通り、2011年3 月11日の東日本大震災に対して、様々な思いを寄せた作品を集めています。参加者は学生もいれば若手の作家、ベテランの作家もいます。インターネットの特 性を活かし、鑑賞する場所性、経済性などから開放されたこれまでにない映像祭を気負うこと無く目指します。

出品作家 / Artists
(同不順 / Random order)
瀬戸桃子 / 村上華子  / A/T(近藤愛助+古堅太郎) / BARBARA DARLINg / 門脇篤 / 林加奈子 / 伊藤久也 / 三木麻郁 /長田雛子 / 村上愛佳 / 人見紗操 / Johanna Fell / 佐藤朋子 / 小沢剛
Momoko Seto / | Hanako Murakami / A/T(Aisuke Kondo+Taro Furukata) / BARBARA DARLINg / Atsushi Kadowaki / Kanako Hayashi / Hisaya Ito / Maaya Miki / Hanako Osada / Manaka Murakami / Saaya Hitomi / Johanna Fell / Tomoko Sato / Tsuyoshi Ozawa
スタッフ / Staff
小沢剛 (ディレクター) / 菅沼朋香(プロモーション) / 佐藤朋子(テクニカル)
Tsuyoshi Ozawa (Director) / Tomoka Suganuma(Promotion) / Tomoko Sato(Technical)