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2D Printers/2017/07/15-09/18

2D Printers
Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts tried to show the relationship and difference between scientific thoughts and fine art, through exhibitions such as “Pictorial Evolution of Pictures”(2011) and”Thermodynamics of the Sun”(2014).
This exhibition “2D Printers” tries to focus on “utility”. Since seventeenth century when the terminology “fine art” was born scientists looked up art, because art was able to display the gloriousness of the kings and government. Art used to have “utility”.
But from nineteenth century art wanted to abandon such utility to let art itself look autonomous. People in modern world believe in the myth which tells us art has no utility. On the other hand science displaying utility developed hand in hand with technics, and became technology.
The art has criticism. It used to point criticism toward art itself. Technology never has criticism. Some contemporary artists point criticism not art itself but society including monstrous technology. We would like to try to call this criticism of art “utility”, comparing the handworks with mechanical works.

Organized by:Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts
Assisted by:Japan Arts Fund  , The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences
Supported by:Asahi Shimbun Utsunomiya Bureau, Utsunomiya Broadcasting Station, NHK, F.M.Tochigi Broadcasting Co., Ltd., The Sankei Shimbun Utsunomiya Bureau, Shimotsuke Shimbun, The Tokyo Shimbun Utsunomiya Bureau, Tochigi Television, Company Radio Tochigi (CRT), Nikkei Inc. Utsunomiya Bureau, The Mainichi Newspapers Utsunomiya Branch Office, The Yomiuri Shimbun Utsunomiya Bureau
Museum hours:9:30−17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
Closed:on Mondays (except 18 Jul., 19 Sep. ), 19 Jul.
Admission fee:¥800 (¥700) Adult
¥500 (¥400) University and high-school students
Free under junior high-school students
*Amounts shown in parentheses are group rate (over 20 people)

 2017年7月15日[土]- 2017年9月18日[月・祝]



主 催:栃木県立美術館
助 成:芸術文化振興基金 、公益財団法人 花王芸術・科学財団
後 援:朝日新聞宇都宮総局、NHK宇都宮放送局、エフエム栃木、産経新聞社宇都宮支社、下野新聞社、東京新聞宇都宮支局、とちぎテレビ、栃木放送、日本経済新聞社宇都宮支局、毎日新聞社宇都宮支局、読売新聞宇都宮支局
※( )内は20名以上の団体料金